Friday, August 5, 2011

A word game between me and my friend ..:)

When I said: Dark Night and a gentle breeze,
                        chilling me out to hold the sneeze...
                        Oh god, I love the silent night,
                        and the stars that shine so bright..

She says:        The night's not silent - hear it well!!
                        A forgotten story it wishes to tell...
                        Bringing back the long lost thought,
                        Of the one we never forgot!!

And I said:     A smile that appears on my face
                        And the thought of u that embrace
                        Let me have those different ways
                        To remember those beautiful days….

she replied:    A tear that comes in my eyes....
                        Bringing memories of some broken ties...
                        Let me relive those moments again...
                         And secretly with me, let your thoughts remain!!

again I said:  your memories surround me like a crowd
                       And the moments that made me proud,
                       Gash!! Can those days come again…
                       And heal the deep felt subtle pain..

she replied:   But I think we should stop here,
                       And make it to the others clear,
                       That the lines here are not meant to be true
                       It's just a word-game between me and you!!

The name of my friend is Gargi..:) Though it was fun, some words were meant to special persons of our lives...